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The swift collapse of the Third Reich in the spring of 1945 brought, with the surrender, mountains of films and documents covering the entire period of the Nazi regime. Perhaps no other period in history is as well documented. Many of these films are now historical documents of a time when madness and hate overran mankind. Some films made in those years do not reflect current official views of Germany, its people, or other nations and should be used only with extreme parental discretion and guidance. Almost 55 years have passed since the terrible holocaust. The memories and the consequences are still with us today. HOW...WHY... could such a system have arisen and flourished? How many times have the questions been asked? How many answers have been offered? The voices on these video tapes are the voices of history... perhaps those who listen today can help answer the questions posed by these terrible years!

All newsreels have been transferred from original 35 millimeter and 16 millimeter German prints and have been accurately translated and electronically subtitled in English.

Volume 80
ch 780 cover(JANUARY, 1945): Newsreel 747 (4 January 1945): Hitler Youth members celebrate solstice. Mountain infantrymen in training ski down mountain. In Berlin, ice-skaters perform in burnt-out Sports Palace. Southeastern Front: pilots, including Colonel Rudel, fire on Soviet tanks from ground-attack planes; battles between Danube and Lake Balaton. Germans launch Ardennes offensive (Battle of the Bulge): on morning of December 16th, V-1s, rockets, and artillery launch attack; soldiers wait to attack; Allied prisoners taken half an hour after attack begins; tanks, assault guns, and German columns; American dead; tanks break through wire fence into village; infantry and paratroopers fight Americans house-to-house and take many prisoners; destroyed Sherman tanks and captured jeep; Sepp Dietrich; V-1 overhead; allied equipment; supply columns; flak fires at American fighter-bombers; German fighter planes; German villagers welcome soldiers; field Marshal Model; American wounded and prisoners (black prisoners emphasized); German soldiers eat and relax. 14 min. Newsreel 748 (11 January 1945): this newsreel begins with a separate, untitled segment containing a public appeal different from other "public service announcements" in its insistent directness urging people to donate clothes and equipment to the Volkssturm and other soldiers: battlefield action; people donating; Volkssturm and others being equipped. In munitions factory, new Volksgrenadier soldiers sworn in : officer speaks and soldiers take oath (both synchronous sound); armaments workers hand out weapons. Third large-scale in counterattack; burning T-34; torpedo boats, including one firing. German bases on Atlantic; greetings to homeland via voice radio and nurses prepare Christmas display; soldiers in field receive Christmas mail; Allied artificial harbors destroyed by wind and wave. Ardennes offensive (Battle of the bulge): Model talks with soldier: German tanks advance: American dead and destroyed American equipment in recaptured town; German reinforcements German flak and fighters; tanks penetrate village. January 1st Luftwaffe attack on Allied and planes on ground blown up; American fighters and bombers (including a Lightning) shot down (film shot from German plane). 11 min. Newsreel 749 (189 January 1945): One hundredth anniversary of Karl Benz's birthday: old cars; modern race cars; military transport. Reich Railroad: makeshift huts used as ticket offices and living quarters for railroad personnel; makeshift passenger cars. Civilians contribute clothes and equipment for Volksgrenadier divisions and Volkssturm. Transport convoy fights bombers with flak and enemy ships with artillery and rockets. Southeastern Europe: in Hungary, German


Volume 81
ch 781 cover (JANUARY/FEBRUARY, 1945): Newsreel 750 (25 January 1945): Public service announcement uses trick drawings to urge people to save electricity by turning off unnecessary lights. Two soldier amputees ski down a mountain. Volkssturm members receive clothing and equipment, and practice with adhesive charges, Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck, and flamethrower. In the Dutch combat area, Navy men blow up bridge by jumping out of speedboats carrying explosive charges to target. In town near Western Front, life continues underground: kitchens, archives, town administration, print shop, power plant, newspaper, barber; miners changing shifts. Ardennes offensive (Battle of the Bulge); German village recaptured: British and Gaullist prisoners; tanks, infantry, and supply convoys advance; infantrymen in rear positions withstand Soviet air attack; street fighting; ground-attack planes knock out Soviet tanks (pictures taken from plane. 10 min. Newsreel 751 (10 February 1945): Seriously-wounded soldiers return home by train as part of exchange. Western Front: artillery, rockets, aerial battle, tanks, infantry, knocked-out Allied tanks. Eastern Front: columns of westward-bound refugees; soviet prisoners; Volkssturm building barricades; refugees leave by train, cared for by National socialist People's Welfare Organization; Volkssturm gets close-combat anti-tank weapons; Goliath tanks and artillery ammunition loaded for transport to front; tanks and supply trucks advance; in Katowice, weapons are ready and soldiers with Panzerfausts take position; in East Prussia, artillery and infantry; ground-attack planes; aerial-delivery unit containing Panzerfausts attached to combat plane; transport glider loaded, towed, and released; aerial delivery units thrown from transport plane; on the coast of Courland, soldiers donate money to winter Relief organization and fight snow. Southeastern Front: in Budapest, residents build barricades and German and Hungarian troops fire flak at Soviet tanks; southwest of Budapest after counterattack between lake Balaton and Budapest reaches Danube, German tank formations and infantry and knocked-out Soviet assault guns; in Stuhlweissenburg after recapture by Germans, troops welcomed by population; machine guns fire at soviet cavalry patrol and artillery fires on Soviet positions. 10 min. Newsreel 752 (17 February 1945): Wool contributed by population is made into uniforms and blankets for Wehrmacht and Volkssturm. western Front: in the Dutch combat area, paratroopers travel across Rhine and take new positions while under aerial attack; in the Eifel, infantry destroy allied reconnaissance vehicle; knocked-out allied tanks; infantry fire from ruins of hatten. Eastern Front: infantrymen and motorcycle messenger in snowstorm. Navy in East Prussia: men and equipment loaded on ships; convoy en route; firing on Soviets near Vistula Lagoon. Breslau: Volkssturm building barricades at city's edge; District Director Hanke visits defensive installations and speaks with General Schoerner; engineers blow up buildings. Area of Frankfurt on the Oder: Columns of refugees; Volksgrenadiers; Volkssturm arrive by rail; planes take off; tanks and infantry advance; SS paratroopers at Oder bridgehead; knocked-out Soviet tanks and Soviet dead; Oder village recaptured from Soviets; Reich Labor Service flak against Soviet tanks; rockets. 10 min.


Volume 82
ch 782 cover (MARCH, 1945): Newsreel 753 (5 March 1945): German Ambassador in Stockholm congratulates Swedish explorer Sven Hedin on his 80th birthday. Reich Labor Service Leader Hierl speaks with Labor Service Women and decorates Labor Service officer. Colonel Rudel interviewed in hospital (synchronous sound). In Berlin, Volkssturm and civilians build defensive installations. Submarine with snorkel sinks ship. Western Front: positions on the Rur (Roer); from the ruins of houses, mortars and other artillery fire; near Juelich, infantry and paratroopers counterattack. First pictures of soldiers after breaking out of Budapest to German lines. Silesia: infantry march near Ratibor; Breslau commander with Reich Labor Service flak: in recaptured villages, Soviet atrocities; blown-up Fuerstenberg bridge; signals auxiliary woman recipient of Iron Cross. Frankfurt on the Oder area: Goebbels and Lieutenant General Busse on the Oder; machine-gun units; infantry and artillery on railway embankment; supply trains; tanks and infantry counterattack; Soviet dead; fleeing Soviet tanks knocked out; destroyed T-34. 13 minutes. Newsreel 754 (16 March 1945): Police quash strike in US. Western Front: American prisoners; on Rhine, artillery fires a factory; District Party Director Grohe speaks with officers; marching Volksgrenadiers with Panzerfausts; paratroopers; anti-tank artillery (pak). general Vlasov takes command of anti-Stalinist Russian units; Lieutenant General Koestring. Fifth large defensive battle at Courland bridgehead: soviet artillery; machine guns fire at advancing Soviets; wounded and civilians evacuated over frozen lakes; cattle evacuated. Marienburg: destroyed buildings; soldiers fire from ruins. On the Eastern Front, Otto Skorzeny speaks to his men (synchronous sound) and decorates soldier who relates battlefield exploits (synchronous sound). Soldiers in recaptured Guben fight street battles; T-34 tank blown up. On autobahn near Dresden, Soviet prisoners, including commissar and woman. Near Goerlitz, factory operating immediately behind front lines. Liberation of Lauban: infantry and tanks; on March 6th, German march into city and Goebbels views assault-gun unit; General Schoerner; Fuehrergrenadier unit; Hitler Youth has received Iron Cross; Goebbels speaks to soldier; murdered German women and children. In Goerlitz, Goebbels speaks (synchronous sound). Hitler visits eastern division command post, speaks with officers, and is cheered by soldiers. 13 min. Newsreel 755 (22 March 1945): In Berlin, Captain Aghta and his bomb-disposal unit at work. Civilians learn how to shoot Panzerfaust. In the Chancellery courtyard, Hitler, accompanied by Axmann, greets 20 Iron Cross recipients from Hitler Youth (these last film pictures of Hitler are often mistakenly dated April 20); several of the boys relate battlefield accomplishments (synchronous sound). First Iron Cross recipient in Volkssturm. Breslau: District Party Director Hanke at command post; men and women build defensive installations; street battle. Koenigsberg: commandant Lasch and district Party Director Koch at command post; Volkssturm set up positions; firing from ruins; wounded in basement military hospital; decorations awarded. navy: evacuates refugees from East and West Prussia; brings supplies to Courland, firing at enemy coastal positions. Reinforcements advance to Eastern Front. German women describe soviet rapes (synchronous sound); murdered German civilians. Stetting bridgehead: infantry and Volkssturm on embankment; knocked-out Stalin tank; flak in ground fighting; wounded assault-gun driver fights on; soldiers decorated. 11 min.



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